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Cloud for the modern business

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that enables your business to build, deploy and manage applications and services on a pay as you go basis. Azure manages everything for you, in one place. It maintains servers, backs up data, and delivers new services and applications in minutes. So, your IT staff can focus on innovating within your business, not simply maintaining it. What’s more, because you only pay for what you use, you’ll never waste a penny.

Storage, backup and data recovery at your fingertips

Azure provides easy, economical storage that can scale up or down to easily meet your changing business needs and because everything is in the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere at any time. The Microsoft Azure cloud services also allow automatic data back-up –as often as you need it – so you can relax knowing your information will always be safe and compliant and can be easily restored if required. Plus, should you face a disaster like a flood or fire, you can protect your servers and get your systems back online quickly.

You are in control

Managed properly, the cloud can do wonders for your business. Microsoft Azure gives you that capability, with minimal cost and hassle, and maximum control. You have the flexibility to back up data automatically as often as you need – your choice. Plus, you decide how long it is kept for - anywhere between six months and 99 years – which means you can relax knowing your information will always be safe and compliant whilst meeting your individual business needs.

Paradigm services

- Microsoft Azure planning and migration
- Microsoft Azure managed service
- Microsoft Azure back-up
- Microsoft Azure site recovery
- Microsoft StorSimple

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