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Effectively manage data growth

All businesses face the mounting challenge of explosive data growth, and the amount of storage management work required to keep up with it. Microsoft StorSimple provides a hybrid solution that leverages the power of the cloud whilst maximizing the investment you may have already made in on-premise SAN infrastructure. So you can better manage data growth and stopping the endless cycle of buying storage.

Simplify storage management and reduce costs

With StorSimple, cloud storage is used to offload inactive data from on-premise SANs and store backup and archive data. Inline deduplication and compression reduces storage growth rates and increases storage utilization. What’s more, automated cloud snapshots replace costly remote replication and time-consuming tape management. That all adds up to lower storage costs by up to 60%. And, managing data storage has never been easier. All storage functions are controlled centrally from an Azure management portal, so you remain firmly in control of where your data storage resides.

Accelerate disaster recovery, improve compliance

StorSimple gives your business an immediate business continuity solution should you face a disaster situation. Instant recovery features download only the data needed by applications for fast RTOs (recovery time objectives) and data retention is determined by software policies instead of backup system capacity or tape rotations. Plus StorSimple gives you the added reassurance of being able to proactively test disaster recovery scenarios without disrupting normal daily operations.

Paradigm services

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- Microsoft StorSimple deployment and management

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