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Enterprise-class unified systems management

Microsoft System Center provides best-in-class systems management capability, helping customers to realise the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Platform with out-of-the-box monitoring, provisioning, configuration, automation, protection and self-service. Robust datacentre support includes comprehensive storage and network management, support for multiple hypervisors, and Linux support, enabling your business to optimise performance and availability for all Microsoft workloads.


System Center capability can be seamlessly extended with the power of the cloud to deliver an integrated view of the entire infrastructure. Operations teams can effortlessly collect, store and analyse log data from virtually any Windows Server source which means you can protect and recover your applications with simplified disaster recovery and reliable cloud integrated backup.

Simple and cost-effective

System Center offers an entire management solution at your fingertips, fully integrated to ensure seamless operations. Cost-performance of business-critical workloads can be optimised through deep infrastructure management. Extensible automation and integration helps your datacentre to operate in a cost-effective and predictable manner. Deep insight and diagnostics enables your teams to deliver predictable line-of-business application SLAs with confidence. Whilst workloads can be provisioned faster and repeatedly using consistent templates and you can provide your application owners with a unified, self-service view across clouds.

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